Strawberry – Mara Des Bois

If you want to watch a pastry chef drool just mention the strawberry Mara Des Bois. This French variety bred by Jacques Marionnet in 1991 was bred specifically to have the flavour and scent of wild strawberries but with much greater productivity, especially in spring.


Grow Your Own – Lemongrass

If you’ve ever spent any time in southeast Asia or if not at least visited your local Thai or Vietnamese restaurant you would almost certainly have tasted the perfumed taste of lemongrass. You might not realised it but it is an actual grass, but one with a fragrant citrus and slightly coriander taste and scent.

Making The Bed

I’m still playing around with the perfect layout for my plot. Last year I tried 4ft beds going across the plot. These seemed a bit narrow so this year I went for 5ft beds which fitted perfectly along the plot, which also takes advantage of the slight south slope.

Tabula Rasa In Action

The new year begins and we practice patience, waiting for the perfect time to prepare the soil for the year ahead. Too much rain and the allotment turns into a bog, too little and the heavy clay becomes concrete.