What is Tabula Rasa?

Tabula Rasa is best translated as “A clean Slate”. I spent most of my life abusing my body through excessive eating, smoking, over work and under exercising. The time came to make a choice, either to keep on and drive myself in to an early grave to make changes and move towards a more sustainable way of living both in body and mind.

Research seems to suggest that diets that are high in vegetables and fruit, wholegrain and small amounts of lean proteins like fish tend to prevalent in populations with the longest lifespans. High consumption of vegetables and fruit especially is linked to reduced heart disease and cancer.

Therefore I chose to follow the MIND diet. I chose to follow this as it is fairly simple to follow, not too restrictive and importantly has been shown to reduce the risk of dementia, even if not rigidly adhered too.

The MIND diet

  • Three portion of leafy greens every day.
  • One other portion of vegetables every day.
  • Three portions of wholegrain every day.
  • One small portion of nuts every day.
  • Beans/Legumes at least every other day.
  • Berries at least twice a week.
  • A portion of fish at least once a week.
  • Two portions of poultry a week.
  • Oil use should be olive oil rather than animal fats, sunflower oils etc.
  • One small glass of red wine a day (Can be non alcoholic or red grape juice)
  • Fatty treats e.g. cheese or fast food no more than once a week.
  • Sweets/pastries less than five times a week.

Further research suggests we should be eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables every day to reduce risk of heart disease and cancer. This does include potatoes, beans and fruit juice but not tinned fruit.

As part of my restoration project I took over an allotment. The taste of home grown vegetables compared to supermarket varieties is so much better, partly because you can grow varieties grown for flavour, rather than looks, yield or ability to store and travel well. Therefore on this site you will find recipes but also the varieties of produce that I enjoy growing.