Tomatoes – Principe Borghese

The weather in the UK is rarely good enough to sun dry tomatoes but having recently bought a dehydrator I decided to grow some tomatoes specifically bread for sun drying. Principe Borghese is a cherry size, plum shaped. Italian tomato that ripens early. I’ve grown in indoors and in the poly tunnel with equal success. It’s thin skin and few seeds make it a good candidate for drying. It’s a bush tomato but as its quite prolific you may need to give it some support, especially to lift the tomatoes off the ground.

Eating: Unusually for a plum it’s quite nice eat raw as it is not floury. However, it’s thin skin and lack of seeds however make it ideal for drying or making tomato paste. This makes it very versatile if you don’t have room to grow many tomatoes.

Yield and plant health: Plants are easy to grow from seed but you will need to start them in a heated propagator or warm place indoors and it might take a little longer than other tomatoes. Yield is good but its thin skins mean it can damage easily so be especially careful picking when very ripe, you may end up with a tomato explosion. Principe Borghese is not resistant to blight.

Grow again: Every year