Tomatoes – Sungold F1

Sungold is the taste topping tomato sensation. This cherry tomatoes unusual orange colour and intense sweet taste make it a joy to eat and is almost universally popular with amateur growers and whilst I try not to grow F1 tomatoes as you cannot save your own seed these are worth the extra expense. You are unlikely to ever see these in supermarket as their one downside is that they are prone to cracking.

Start these in a heated propagator or in a warm spot indoors Feb/March. Grow on in a frost free area. Plant out when all risk of frost is past.

In the Kitchen: These are simply the best tomatoes for flavour and are great in salads or eaten straight from the vine.

Yield and plant health: These are a cherry tomato, growing to a about 1.5 cm across.  Sungold are usually one of the earliest tomatoes and because of their high sugar content still taste good before they have reached their mature deep orange colour.  The tomatoes do crack if watering is anything less than perfect and plants can sometimes look a bit sickly but still produce good fruit.  The plants are grown as cordons so should be tied in to supports and side shoots pinched out. The yield is good but they are not blight resistant.

Grow Again: Every year