In the run up to Christmas things can be a bit challenging. This recipe didn’t quite go to plan as the puff pasty was a little more puffy than I was expected so instead of getting mini mince pies, I got mince puffs…but I didn’t have enough ingredients or time to remake them. But they still tasted good and so the mincepuff was born!  Again these are all thinks you might find in your freezer/store cupboard, ready to go if you have unexpected guests.  I used a canape/mini muffin tray for these.


Serves: 24 puffs

Time: 20 minutes


320g ready rolled puff pastry

1 jar vegan mincemeat

Milk (dairy or almond) for brushing


Preheat an over to 160C.

Cut 24 circles out of the puff pastry. Recombine the left over pastry and cut 24 smaller stars.

Brush the mini muffin tins with oil

line each mini muffin hole with a pastry circle. Push gently in and push out any air bubbles. Prick lightly with a fork.

Place half a tsp mincemeat in each pie.

Tope each pie with a star.

Brush with milk

Cook for 10- 15 minutes.



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