Making The Bed

I’m still playing around with the perfect layout for my plot. Last year I tried 4ft beds going across the plot. These seemed a bit narrow so this year I went for 5ft beds which fitted perfectly along the plot, which also takes advantage of the slight south slope.

I’ve made the paths wider this year, just over 2ft. This is because last year I found the narrow paths hard to kneel in an navigate with a wheel barrow. The beds are marked with string and bamboo canes. They won’t be permanent, just until more vegetables are planted so I don’t walk on the beds.

We’ve had two weeks of seriously dry weather so getting the soil to a very fine tilth for sowing has been hard. Larger lumps are setting like concrete. I’ve been raking them off to put on the lower bits of the allotment which I’m trying to stop turning in to a marsh, covered with some matting waiting for some wetter weather. When they soften up I’ll go over with a tiller.