Courgette – Romanesco

If you want to grow a well behaved corgette with flavour then you won’t go far wrong with this one. It’s slightly slower growing and less high yielding than other varieties which actually means you can have a couple of plants and not have neighbours running away from you in case you give them yet another corgette. It’s quite pretty too with it’s slightly erratic stripes.

Eating – Consistantly the best I have tasted. Corgettes are thin skinned and tender and cook well, especially when harvested on the small side. Romanesco is good corgette to eat raw because of its intensity and sweetness of flavour.

Plant health & yield – It has an RHS award and plants are robust and healthy. It’s not resistant to downy mildew. The corgettes are supposed to have quite distinct ridges and but my seed does not, possibly the seed merchant has had some cross pollination or I’m just too keen to get them off the bush before the ridges develop. Yield in the UK is lower than some other varieties but benefits from it through more intense flavour.

Grow again – Every year. I’ve not found better.