Potato – Winston (1st Early)

I’ve not had much success growing first earlies that get to a large enough size to be bakers. My Red Duke of York was a disaster. Winston is the first I’d had much success with although with the very dry spring we had, tubers were on the small side although they are supposed to be drought tolerant.

Taste & eating – A baker/roaster in size but not floury. It’s slightly watery texture means you probably use butter. It does mean it is hard to get them to properly crisp. Taste is not as amazing as catalogues suggest being mild. The skins are thin and do rub off if you are overly zealous on the cleaning side.

Yield & plant health – RHS award. Tubers were fairly uniform although quite a few tiny ones, even though the foliage. Some scab and slug damage. Early so avoids most of the blight.

Grow again – Maybe although the quest for an early baker continues.