Courgette – Zuccini

The Italian for corgette is Zuccini so these are effectively corgette corgette. Despite the unoriginal naming these are a cracking corgette plant.


Eating – These are pleasant tasting even when they have gone a bit over their desired size. However they are less flavoursome than Romanesco. They are thin skinned and tender and hold their shape well when cooked if picked small.

Plant health and yield – Plants are very healthy and productive and be warned you need to pick almost daily or end up with marrows on your hands.  Zucchini starts producing fairly early but is not parthinegenic so does require fertilisation by hand or insects. This corgette is not resistant to downy mildew. The corgettes themselves are attractive when young but a quickly bulk up into marrow like proportions so difficult to use for show without many plants.

Grow again – Probably not as flavour is marginally inferior to Romanesco and I have difficulty keeping up with its production.