Salad – Red Salad Bowl

Red Salad Bowl is an attractive loose leaved lettuce that you can cut and come again. It holds an AGM at the time of publishing.

Sow very thinly, 1 cm deepĀ in rows 30 cm apart from Feb (covered) or March (uncovered). Thin seedlings as they grow to their final spacing’s of 30 cm apart. Thinnings can be eaten! Alternatively you can sow in modules for planting out after a few weeks. This does help to reduce the slug menace.

As with all lettuce you should only sow enough for a few weeks eating and then repeat your sowings every few weeks. Lettuce can be useful to fill the gaps between large slower growing plants like brassica’s, potatoes or parsnips as the lettuce will be harvested long before they are needed. You will need to protect tender seedlings from slugs. Keep well watered through the growing season.

In the kitchen: Red salad bowl is a pretty addition to a mixed salad. It has a pleasant, slightly bitter lettuce taste. Some lettuce can be cooked, but this is not one of them, it is too soft.

Yield and plant health: It’s ability to cut and come again makes this lettuce yield over a long period but like most lettuce it will bolt in hot dry weather. Other than potential slug damage plants are extraordinarily disease free.

Grow again: I grow this most years