Cucumber Granita

One of the joys of summer is Pimms or gin and tonic with slices of cucumber and limes.  The cucumbers are doing really well in the allotment, so much so that I’ve been wondering what to do with the excess. so I began to play around with the idea of cucumber as a drink or dessert.

The result was a cucumber granita. Simple to make, refreshing in the hot weather we’ve been having. The elderflower cordial adds about 5g of sugar per adults so it’s also much lower in sugar than many ice creams and sorbet you would have. This version though is definitely only for adults!


Serves: 4

Cooking time: 10 minutes plus 1 hour freeze time.


  • 1 large cucumber
  • 100 ml white rum/gin or vodka
  • 100 ml elderflower cordial
  • 4 mint leaves
  • Two limes


Finely slice the cucumbers and place on a freezer proof dish. Freeze over night

One hour before you want to eat zest the limes a put the zest to one side. Juice the limes.

Remove the cucumbers from the freezer and put in to a powerful food processor with the mint. Start to process slowly then speed up as it gradually chops up the cucumber.

When the cucumber is broken down in to fine chips add the liquids and process for a further minute.

Stir in the lime zest

Pour in to a  freezer proof dish. Freezer for half an hour. Stir, breaking up any chunks that have formed. Return to the freezer. After another half an hour remove from the freezer and serve.

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