Runner Bean White Lady

I grew these runner beans this year after a friend described them as “the best runner beans they had ever grown”. With a recommendation like that, who wouldn’t want to try them?

White Lady is a white flowered, string less mid sized runner with an RHS award of garden merit at the time of publishing.


In the kitchen: White lady is pleasant flavoured and in general string less. Is it the best runner I have tasted? It’s probably on a par with Wisley Magic which I have used mainly before.

Plant health and Yield: As with all runners, these can produce bumper crops.  and the beans are attractive, long, slender and generally quite straight, although if you are a showing enthusiast or trying to grow the longest bean you probably should look elsewhere. In the hottest of temperatures, like with many runners some flowers will drop without forming beans. making sure that your bean trench has plenty of organic matter in and is well watered will help


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Runner beans are not frost hardy and will sulk if they get to cold and wet. You will need to sow these indoors no more than two weeks before the last frost date. Sow 2 inches deep in root trainers or a 9cm pot. Keep compost lightly damp whilst germinating. Once all risk of frost has past, harden off the beans by placing outside during the day and bringing in at night or placing in a cold frame and lifting the lid during the day. Plant out after a week. They will need a trellis or other support up to two meters high. You will need to tie them to the support at first but after that they should climb up themselves. Remove the tips once the beans have reached the top of the support. Keep well watered and in July mulch with compost. Runner beans can be prolific so 8 plants will feed two happily with some for the freezer. Pick regularly to ensure a constant supply.


Runner Bean – Wisley Magic